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Our NEW theme is SWEET SHOP for Febuary. Choose from:

  • 1 Large Kit: Includes 3 colors of homemade sensory dough and all the sensory items needed to create Valentine's pretend sweets for your loved ones.
  • 2 Mini Kits: Includes 1 color of homemade sensory dough per kit and sensory itmes to create some fun Valentine's pretend treats.
  • 8 Pack of Favors: Includes 8 individual bags. Each bag contains 1 2 ounce container of homeamde sensory dough and a heart shaped container filled with sensory items plus a note for your child to personalize for their classmates, friends or family.
  • Single Favors: Includes 1 individual favor to ensure you get just the right # for your classmates, friends or loved ones. These can ONLY be purchased in addition to the 8 pack of favors.
  • Sensory Dough + Heart Shaped Dough Shaper: Includes 1 large ball of homemade, scented sensory dough + heart shaped cookie cutter.


Please allow 10-14 days for shipping.

Recommended for ages 3+ due to choking hazards.


How to keep your dough fresh:

- If dough gets a little dry, add a touch of water.

- If you add too much water and dough is sticky, add a touch of all purpose flour.

- Salt crystals on the surface of the dough are natural and will disappear if you knead them back into the dough.

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