Our "Teacher " 10 Packs are perfect for any classroom activity (whether that classroom be back at school or at home) that the group can feel like they are working together while still having their own independent kit. These kits are great for teaching colors, shapes, letters, numbers, math, spelling and so much more! This would be a great item for a group of families to purchase for their teacher and classroom for the school year or for a group of neighbors who have kids at home this school year to share.


Each set comes with 10 complete kits which include:

  • 3 mini balls of homemade scented sensory dough: red, yellow and blue dough that allow the kids to mix the colors to make new colors
  • 3 letters to use for spelling, 1 of these letters is a CRAYON from Crayon Letters KC
  • 3 Gears to connect and explore 
  • 5 Different Plastic Shapes
  • 3 Large Craft Sticks
  • 1 Magnifying Glass
  • 3 Mini Acrylic Numbers + Math Symols
  • 1 Round, Clear Dish that doubles as a dough cutter
  • 1 6" stencil ruler (not pictured)


These sets won't ship until 8/15. If you place your order before then, it will be considered a pre-order to ship on or before 8/15. Any order placed after 8/1 won't ship until after 8/15 (typically 7-10 days after purchase.)


All items may vary in shape, letter, number and color from picture but number of contents listed above will be included.


Sensory dough keeps for up to 3 months (or more!) when sealed in an airtight container. We recommend sealed plastic bags. 


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